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Cutting Fabric


Lonesome & Thread was created with the intention of having little to zero fabric waste. We create small batches of apparel and use leftover scraps to create accessories.

Our goal is to design without waste. We use a mixture of dead stock and vintage fabrics. With that, we use every inch of fabric and create styles that are usually a one and done deal.

Once we sell out, we can't restock. 



Esmeraldad is the owner and designer behind Lonesome & Thread. She is an independent creator who has worked in different areas within the Fashion Industry since her days studying at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandise.


She is a self-taught seamstress who discovered her love for fashion at a young age and began her career in the industry at the age of 18.


Esmeraldad has helped design for well known brands such as Target, Stitch Fix, TJ Maxx, as well as indie brands throughout Los Angeles, CA.


Her love for garment construction and her entrepreneurial spirit helped push her into launching Lonesome & Thread in 2017 and has since been creating small batches of handmade goodies. 

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