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Your Apparel

It's always soo exciting to create small batches
of everyday wear. Ready to ship and ready to be styled by you!

It's even more exciting that we can once again offer
customization!! WOOOO!

So let's get STARTED!!

Fill Me Out

Upload File
Upload File
Upload File

Success! Message received.

Please enter the

best fitting request:

"Create My Own Style"

Design your own style and we'll create

it for you. 

"Customize Existing Style"

Pick from one of our existing styles,

let us know how you'd like to

customize it.

Different fabric? Color(s)? Lengths?

Please be as descriptive as possible.

Provide measurements ( if needed ), fabric preference ( cotton, poly, etc ), and any useful style call outs.

Upload clear images:

These can be inspiration images if creating your own style.

Or a screen shot of our style you'd

like to customize.

Please note a deposit of $50 will be required once "Send & Checkout" 

has been pressed.

This amount will go towards 

the total cost of your custom order ONLY. It cannot be combined with any other order.

Remaining balance will be invoiced via email provided.

Custom orders can take 4-6 weeks to fulfill and ship out.  

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